Indianapolis, Indiana – A Great Place to Visit

Indianapolis is a great place to visit. It is a small city, but not too small. It is one of the few places where you can park right at the heart of downtown at 6:00PM without difficulty. The city has several parks where you can sit down, relax and watch life go by. There are great places to walk downtown, by the river front, and on the University.

Arriving in, and leaving Indianapolis is an enjoyable event. The new airport, which opened in late 2008 is well designed. The lines are not very long, in fact it has never taken me more then 5 minutes to pass through security. From security to the gates is a maximum of 5 minutes as well. Between the two interconnected terminals is a beautiful picture window where you can sit and see the planes land and take off.

Rental cars are available just across the airport. No waiting for shuttles. A luxury at most airports, and one of the reasons I like this airport so much.

Indianapolis Raceway, host of the Indy 500 races is a great place to see. You can go as far as the racetrack within touching distance of the race cars, and even see trial heats all at no cost. There are great deals to ride as a passenger in a real race car. The fee to visit the museum and a tour of the racetrack is nominal.

The state house is also an excellent place to see. It is an ornately furnished building with beautiful architecture. The handiwork that went to make this building is a sight by itself.

There are many other things to see and do in Indianapolis as well. It is a great place to visit and well worth the effort.

– Neeraj

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