Driving on Germany’s Autobahn

I had heard many interesting facts about the Autobahn’s of Germany so I was really looking forward to testing them when I visited Frankfurt.

It was a GREAT experience! The autobahns are thrilling because unlike inter-state highways in other countries, the Germans don’t believe in having a maximum speed limit on theirs. Being home to some of the biggest auto brands in the world of course they would let you test your vehicle like a pro!  I drove at speeds that I felt comfortable at. Though I did go up to 220 kph (about 135mph), I found my ideal speed to be about 160 kph (100mph). You can easily drive at a higher speed if the road is open, there is very little traffic and the weather is great.
I was disappointed about one thing though, the no-speed-limit ranges are quite short. You could be traveling at 200kph, and then all of a sudden, for no reason that I could discern, the speed limit suddenly drops to 130, 120 or even 100kph. This happens so often that you have to be constantly alert to the speed limit changes. But those shot bursts of no-speed-limits are enough to have your co-passengers gripping their seats, eyes shut, pleading you to slow down! I would highly recommend this experience if you love road trips or cars.

You should also add the Volkswagen auto museum in Wolfsburg, the BMW plant in Munich to your itinerary.

The autobahns alone are definitely worth the trip to Germany. Driving a vehicle that can handle such high speeds with stability and precision is thrilling beyond measure and something I certainly plan on doing again!

– Neeraj

Jersey City

I recently went to Jersey City, New Jersey for a few days. Staying at the Holiday Inn by the waterfront was a fantastic experience. It was right by the river so I could spend my time walking along the banks and taking in the scenery. New York City’s skyline loomed spectacularly on the other side of the river and looked beautiful in the evenings when the lights came on.

I love Indian food and there is an excellent Indian Restaurant, ‘Raaz’, right across from the Holiday Inn. The proprietor was very friendly and helpful, and the restaurant even provides boxed lunches that I could take while sight-seeing. There were many other fine restaurants close by, so I was able to sample various cuisines during my stay.

The hotel was right by local train line, so going to New York City was a snap. With such convenient and cost effective travel I wish I had been able to spend a few more days in Jersey City.  I did enjoy several things such as the King Tut exhibit that I had been wanting to see for a very long time but somehow was never able to. I was also able to enjoy Times Square and shopping on 5th Avenue.

I enjoyed my trip and since I had not been in the area for over 5 years I found it refreshing.

– Neeraj

Indianapolis, Indiana – A Great Place to Visit

Indianapolis is a great place to visit. It is a small city, but not too small. It is one of the few places where you can park right at the heart of downtown at 6:00PM without difficulty. The city has several parks where you can sit down, relax and watch life go by. There are great places to walk downtown, by the river front, and on the University.

Arriving in, and leaving Indianapolis is an enjoyable event. The new airport, which opened in late 2008 is well designed. The lines are not very long, in fact it has never taken me more then 5 minutes to pass through security. From security to the gates is a maximum of 5 minutes as well. Between the two interconnected terminals is a beautiful picture window where you can sit and see the planes land and take off.

Rental cars are available just across the airport. No waiting for shuttles. A luxury at most airports, and one of the reasons I like this airport so much.

Indianapolis Raceway, host of the Indy 500 races is a great place to see. You can go as far as the racetrack within touching distance of the race cars, and even see trial heats all at no cost. There are great deals to ride as a passenger in a real race car. The fee to visit the museum and a tour of the racetrack is nominal.

The state house is also an excellent place to see. It is an ornately furnished building with beautiful architecture. The handiwork that went to make this building is a sight by itself.

There are many other things to see and do in Indianapolis as well. It is a great place to visit and well worth the effort.

– Neeraj