Monthly Archives: May 2013

Driving on Germany’s Autobahn

I had heard many interesting facts about the Autobahn’s of Germany so I was really looking forward to testing them when I visited Frankfurt.

It was a GREAT experience! The autobahns are thrilling because unlike inter-state highways in other countries, the Germans don’t believe in having a maximum speed limit on theirs. Being home to some of the biggest auto brands in the world of course they would let you test your vehicle like a pro!  I drove at speeds that I felt comfortable at. Though I did go up to 220 kph (about 135mph), I found my ideal speed to be about 160 kph (100mph). You can easily drive at a higher speed if the road is open, there is very little traffic and the weather is great.
I was disappointed about one thing though, the no-speed-limit ranges are quite short. You could be traveling at 200kph, and then all of a sudden, for no reason that I could discern, the speed limit suddenly drops to 130, 120 or even 100kph. This happens so often that you have to be constantly alert to the speed limit changes. But those shot bursts of no-speed-limits are enough to have your co-passengers gripping their seats, eyes shut, pleading you to slow down! I would highly recommend this experience if you love road trips or cars.

You should also add the Volkswagen auto museum in Wolfsburg, the BMW plant in Munich to your itinerary.

The autobahns alone are definitely worth the trip to Germany. Driving a vehicle that can handle such high speeds with stability and precision is thrilling beyond measure and something I certainly plan on doing again!

– Neeraj